Red Calliandra Plantations

Kaliandra Merah

Calliandra Plants Which Have Many Benefits

Calliandra plant, which in Latin is called Calliandra calothyrsus, is a plant that is easy to grow wild or shrubs that we usually encounter in areas around forestry and hill slopes in Indonesia. Based on the classification of calliandra, including the plantae group, the family of fabaceae which is easier to grow in lowland to highland areas up to 1500 m above sea level.

Benefits of Calliandra Plants

Kaliandra plants have very many types because there are at least about 200 types of calliandra. In Indonesia, we know a lot about red flower calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus) and white flower calliandra (zapoteca), which are widely used as a green plant and animal feed. Apart from being a greening plant, this plant also has other uses because the tree trunks, especially the red flower calliandra, can be used as an energy producer as an alternative fuel to replace coal.

  1. animal feed, Calliandra leaves are widely used as animal feed for ruminants. Because calliandra has a high enough protein content which is beneficial for livestock, so calliandra leaves are also used as a substitute for grass to meet the needs of animal feed. The following is the composition of the content of calliandra so that calliandra plants have benefits for various needs.

  2. for honey bees, Kaliandra plants have flowers that are long lasting and have a high nectar content. Calliandra plants flower almost all year round making this plant excellent for use as a source of nectar in honey bee farms. And honey produced from beekeeping has good quality and a distinctive aroma of calliandra.

  3. Bio Energy FuelsThe red calliandra plant is the best basic material for renewable energy because it does not cause environmental pollution, is high in calories, and is easily planted by forest farmer groups.