Acacia Plantations


The acacia tree is a plant that is often found in Indonesia. This type of plant is one of the materials commonly used in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry.

Forest farmer group cooperatives use two types of acacia, namely Acacia Mangium and Acacia Crassicarpa. These two types of plants are grown in different types of soil.

Why is acacia so popular? First, acacia wood fibers are the most suitable material for making paper and are commonly used for producing writing, packaging, office and other types of paper.

This tree is also classified as a plant with a fast harvest cycle. In warm soils like Indonesia, this plant can be harvested within five to six years. Much faster than in Europe which reached 25 years.

Acacia also helps improve soil structure, preventing flooding and landslides. It is suitable for planting in hilly and mountain areas. However, this tree is also suitable in lowland contours.